Route 31 is a non-profit organization whose principal mission is to provide activities and events aimed at enriching the lives of youth, in hopes that they will see the absolute joy in serving the Creator of the Universe.

Stan Mackey


For more than 20 years, the name Stan Mackey has been synonymous with youth ministry and youth events. He has also spent more than 17 years as President of an IT company in Los Angeles where he has consulted for a broad range of industries from law, medicine and architecture to advertising, film, Hollywood celebrities and their luxury homes.

He has also sung and written professionally, appearing in television and radio commercials, performing the national anthem for Lakers and Dodgers games, and performing for elected officials including: mayors, governors, and Speaker of the House of Congress, Newt Gingrich.

More rewarding, however, than the pomp & circumstance of the entertainment industry every provided, Stan gets his greatest joy from watching young people have their “aha moment” of finally understanding the concepts of the GOD. And to be clear, this is the GOD whose Son is named Jesus. But this, Stan will tell you, is what happens when burning questions, that for too long got ignored, finally get answered.

When he is not recruiting for membership with Heaven, you can find him simply enjoying the sweet life of hanging out with family and friends.

Dr. Danielle Butts holds a Doctoral degree in Education from Pepperdine University. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Deaf Studies and her Masters of Science in Counseling — both from California State University Northridge.

Her career began in education more than 20 years ago, and she has held various positions ranging from administration to counseling. Currently, Dr. Butts is the Director of the Transfer Center at College of the Canyons where she also counsels. As a strong advocate for student success, she teaches a course to guide students on just how to achieve it — a course that she developed for the institution. Considered by her to be a “rewarding field,” her greatest joy has been working with students in the at-risks populations.

Dr. Butts also operates a financial services business where she enjoys “coaching, teaching and educating people about money.” But she is just as well highly involved in her community, working with a number of other non-profits organizations, including the YMCA and her church. She volunteers many hours throughout the year coordinating events, participating in outreach, counseling, presenting, and also working with rescue missions and many other services. She plans to continue her volunteer activities until the day she is laid to rest.

Bob Ondrizek


Bob Ondrizek holds an M.B.A. from Andrews University. He also received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Andrews University.

Bob is the Director of Patient Financial Services & Admitting for Simi Valley Hospital.

Bob loves the outdoors enormously, so you can often find him hiking the trails of Southern California while taking stunning pictures with his Canon 4D SLR camera.

Dr. Christopher Dent, an ordained Elder who holds a Doctoral degree in Business Administration grew up in Santa Monica, California.

He is an accomplished musician, who studied under renowned jazz pianist, Gerald Wiggins. He is also the Founder/CEO of “Just Keepin’ It Real” Ministries, and the President of “Trust in Him Ministries”, Inc.

His post-dissertation research continues to explore the connections between church membership and attendance, the differing needs of multiple generations within the congregation, and if appropriate leadership styles differ according to the needs of each generation being served.

A devoted father, he absolutely loves and respects his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. “Just keeping it real” is more than a ministry for others. It helps prepare his own family for life’s various, unapologetic challenges.

Dr. Dent’s favorite quote is from Dr. Addie Mitchell, professor at Morehouse College: “If you plan a year, sow a seed; if you plan a decade, plant a tree; if you plan for a century, educate the people.”