Dr. Christopher Dent


Dr. Christopher Dent, an ordained Elder who holds a Doctoral degree in Business Administration grew up in Santa Monica, California.

He is an accomplished musician, who studied under renowned jazz pianist, Gerald Wiggins. He is also the Founder/CEO of “Just Keepin’ It Real” Ministries, and the President of “Trust in Him Ministries”, Inc.

His post-dissertation research continues to explore the connections between church membership and attendance, the differing needs of multiple generations within the congregation, and if appropriate leadership styles differ according to the needs of each generation being served.

A devoted father, he absolutely loves and respects his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. “Just keeping it real” is more than a ministry for others. It helps prepare his own family for life’s various, unapologetic challenges.

Dr. Dent’s favorite quote is from Dr. Addie Mitchell, professor at Morehouse College: “If you plan a year, sow a seed; if you plan a decade, plant a tree; if you plan for a century, educate the people.”