Stan Mackey


For more than 20 years, the name Stan Mackey has been synonymous with youth ministry and youth events. He has also spent more than 17 years as President of an IT company in Los Angeles where he has consulted for a broad range of industries from law, medicine and architecture to advertising, film, Hollywood celebrities and their luxury homes.

He has also sung and written professionally, appearing in television and radio commercials, performing the national anthem for Lakers and Dodgers games, and performing for elected officials including: mayors, governors, and Speaker of the House of Congress, Newt Gingrich.

More rewarding, however, than the pomp & circumstance of the entertainment industry every provided, Stan gets his greatest joy from watching young people have their “aha moment” of finally understanding the concepts of the GOD. And to be clear, this is the GOD whose Son is named Jesus. But this, Stan will tell you, is what happens when burning questions, that for too long got ignored, finally get answered.

When he is not recruiting for membership with Heaven, you can find him simply enjoying the sweet life of hanging out with family and friends.